Aza Shadenova


Aza Shadenova is Kazakh artist who was born in Uzbekistan and raised in Kyrgyzstan before moving to the UK.  She was one of the few young artists featured in the Central Asian Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale (2013).


“I wanted to do a collaboration with Cassiopeia Project, because they reminded me of what Zika Ascher did by collaborating with most famous artists back in the days. I think it’s vital to see your work on another medium and silk squares give the work a completely different dimension and depth by becoming tangible. The movement brings the painting/illustration alive and it’s a wonderful thing to see. But most importantly I had fun working on those designs for the purpose of them being printed on scarves, I think theres a big difference on reprinting the existing work and doing a commission for this specific task. I am happy with the result and ready to accessorise my wardrobe with my own art.”