Laetie Story

Tell us about yourself and what you do?
I was born in Paris. At 19 I got into Central Saint Martins and have lived in London since. Now I work as a designer in fashion and work on a number of my personal projects, mainly focused on textile. I love challenges that allow me to explore different art mediums.

How did you get into art?
I’ve always been drawing and creating things as a little girl. I have always been attracted to images, colours and composition.

From your diverse artistic practice what do you enjoy the most and what would you like to do more of?
Design/ Painting/ Embroidery/ Collage. It would be really hard to say, I love to combine all these practices together. I love having the freedom to pick the medium that is the most suitable to express my idea. 

Who/ What inspires you the most?
I get inspiration from everything around me, people, things, places. Life is in general.

Who are your favourite French artists?
Henri Matisse, Annette Messager and Louise Bourgeois.

Why do you create? It makes me happy.

Tell us about your favourite books/ films/ music that shaped you as a person and an artist.
I always listen to African music and reggae when I work. Le nain Jaune from Dujardin is my favourite book. And Disney movies of course!

As someone who grew up in Paris and now living in London, what are the things that you like the most about both cities?I love having a drink in a little cafe in Paris, or chilling in a park in London. 

Finally, what are your favourite spots in Paris and Notting Hill (where you live now)? Why do you like them?
I love to spend time on the roof of my house painting in the sun, having a nice brunch on Golbourne road after visiting the Moroccan shop around the corner from my flat. In Paris, my favourite spot is Montmartre, Les buttes Chaumont and Le Marais. They all have amazing, very different atmosphere and lot’s of restaurant and bars to pop into.

You can find her recent projects here